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No different from yesterday, I was less than pleased to be at the group home. But today it was literally 100 degrees outside; well at least it felt like that much. Which made it rather unusual for Chris to be outside reading his book under a tree. He had to be dying out there. Victoria left…

deannabreezy asked: "Dont fuss plz late wit feedback. But Chris is soooo cute high as a kite talking about kids. Put blow that high when Mike came by. They need to talk it out ALONE! HELL fight it out get that shit off their chest then try to build that bromance back"

Heyyy booo☺️ I agree!

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meetinglondonff asked: "i really love this story. I can't wait for an update .If you don't mind could you ask your readers to read my new story please and thank you"

Thank you💕 I’ll check you out then promo

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Anonymous asked: "I literally just spent a whole week tryna catch up & read everything finally caught & lawwwwwwddd lemme tell you ! this a bomb ass story right hea ! its deff one of my favs sooo pls pls pls continue i'm waiting on chap 44 😁 oh yeaah Troy ain't shit either 😒"

Aww I’m glad you like it! Thank you💕 I will try to update soon

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Anonymous asked: "When are you updating?"

trying for tonight

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Chapter 11




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Anonymous asked: "Can Chris be ANY cuter with his high ass? Sheesh!"

Lmao talking about kids and shit, he was too lifted.

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Anonymous asked: "awwwww hell!"


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Check this out guys <3

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