Chris was always the cool kid who everyone loved. The girls wanted him and the boys wanted to be him. All the attention he had made him an arrogant jerk. He was a bully and had no remorse for anyone's feelings. His main target was Aurora, a insecure girl suffering from anorexia and bulimia. When Aurora moves away because of Chris, she lost all her weight but was still not completely over her eating disorders. What will happen when she cross paths with her old bully Chris? Will anything be different this time around?....
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Anonymous says: I actually wanna cry for Aurora dumbass, lolol. I feel like she desperate for a mans love which is why she chasing after Chris so much. This nigga can't even get over the idea of him and Erica. Talm bout if it was his baby, Smh. And why can't she stay in there? Obviously he got something he don't want her to know. Handle on yo own? Tf, she not there to mediate she just there to watch after her nigga since she feel he can't be trusted. They relationship is a joke and lost cause.

i wouldn’t say all that…

Anonymous says: This fanfic was the shit last year. Constant updates and great chapters. Bring it back!

i know :( i will try to if people are still up for it

deannabreezy says: Update??

just did boo

Anonymous says: Update?


Anonymous says: Oh hells no that bitch is not up in the house. Aurona needs to eat before she pass out

Lets hope she doesn’t

Anonymous says: can you please update its been too long :(

i’m really sorry i took so long :(


Anonymous says: OMG when are you going to upload its getting so good.

i just did. 


wafflesandhoes says: When sure you gon update, a bitch misses the fuck out of this story

just updated sorry for the wait

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not what?


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