Chris was always the cool kid who everyone loved. The girls wanted him and the boys wanted to be him. All the attention he had made him an arrogant jerk. He was a bully and had no remorse for anyone's feelings. His main target was Aurora, a insecure girl suffering from anorexia and bulimia. When Aurora moves away because of Chris, she lost all her weight but was still not completely over her eating disorders. What will happen when she cross paths with her old bully Chris? Will anything be different this time around?....
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The aftermath is what I hated the most man. That night, or the morning after—when the memories are still fresh. When my nostrils still remembered the scent of her perfume, and my skin still burned from her touch…

I’m sure from the outside I look fine. Maybe tired, but fine. Over…

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Anonymous says: Wait in chapter 1, Rory spills everything about what chris has done to her so why hasn't her parents connected the dots

they probably don’t think it’s the same chris

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