Chris was always the cool kid who everyone loved. The girls wanted him and the boys wanted to be him. All the attention he had made him an arrogant jerk. He was a bully and had no remorse for anyone's feelings. His main target was Aurora, a insecure girl suffering from anorexia and bulimia. When Aurora moves away because of Chris, she lost all her weight but was still not completely over her eating disorders. What will happen when she cross paths with her old bully Chris? Will anything be different this time around?....
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Chapter 46 part 1 is out. Check it out and leave feedback💜




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Chapter 46.1



I opened the door and looked at him. Nigga looked stressed. His bushy eyebrows mushed together and sweat ran down the side of his face. The wind picked up a little and I caught a whiff of a familiar fragrance. A certain perfume I remember picking out and buying.

“Aight Chris I know you said you’d talk to me. But I think we can clear up all this shit better if she’s here too…” he stepped half way out of view and reached his hand out; pulling someone into my sight.  

“Erica..” was all I could say as I looked wide eyed at the woman I once knew. She wasn’t the same Erica I yelled and screamed at the last time I saw her. Her perfect body had thickened and a small baby bump protruded through her long dress. I found myself staring at her stomach, at her baby, at their baby. And apart of me wondered how it would feel if the little boy or girl in there was mine….

I always thought the next time I would see Erica I’d lose all control and moral and choke that hoe. And people would have to hold me back from getting to her and letting out months of pain and anguish. But my own body shocked me, my heart was going a mile a minute and my mind couldn’t stay focused on one thought.

Her timid tone called out to me “Chris, are you alright?”

“Huh?” I looked between them confused, momentarily I’d forgotten my settings. “I’m fine” my jaw clenched, anger slowly seeping back into me… This nigga really had some balls to bring her here when I barely wanted his ass here. “Come in” I opened the door some so they could in. They left their shoes by the door and I led the way into the living room. From the corner of my eye I saw Erica grab Mike’s hand and that ignited something in me I didn’t want to acknowledge.

They sat real close to each other on the couch too, and I shook my head laughing. “What’s so funny?”

My tongue moved before my brain could process what I was saying, “So you cuffed a hoe?” Red ascended from Michaels neck straight up to his face, he was getting heated. I saw Erica’s head drop from my peripheral vision as Mike’s leg bounced up and down.

“Look G I know you mad and all but ima ask you not to disrespect the mother or my child again aight? Or we gone have some more problems” he spat. I laughed bitterely.

“Aight I see you” Glancing over at Erica I saw the pain in her eyes and felt the hurt in her aura. I cleared my throat running my hand over my face, trying to get myself together. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little bad for treating her like that.

A brief moment of silence passed, “You wanted to talk?” I said looking at Michael. “Then say something, explain some shit to me” I sat back.

He took in a deep breath before her began, “You remember around graduation when I was tryna get you to talk to Erica cause she kept hitting me up asking about you? Round that same time I was fucking with Keisha?” I nodded. I remember a few days before graduation Mike was hounding me about hitting up Erica, he said she wouldn’t leave him alone unless I talked to her. That never happened though.

“Well even though you never called her, we stayed in touch. And been in touch ever since.” What? How long has it been? A year? An entire motherfucking year since graduation. They’d been talking behind my back for a whole year? I had to laugh at myself. Never in my life have I ever felt so oblivious to the shit going on around me.

“So yall been talking all this time with out me knowing?” I clarified. They both nodded. Man, I wasn’t even mad, I was more embarrassed than anything that I’d been so blind. “Aint that some shit” I looked up at the ceiling.

“In the beginning I kept tryna tell you man. But every time I brought up her name you’d shut me down real quick, you know how yo stubborn ass get” He wasn’t even lying, anytime he even muttered her name I’d go off on him. “So after a minute I just gave up, I said he’ll find out whenever he wants to damn find out. I couldn’t make you listen. But anyway, through that whole nasty break up with Keisha hoeing ass Erica was there. And I started catching feelings for her. In her defense she wasn’t feeling me at all cause you was still her motive. But after awhile she gave in.” Erica just sat there rubbing her inhabited stomach in circles, looking like a sad puppy while Mike recollected their little pass. Her pass and Mike’s that I knew nothing about until this very moment. Mike who I thought I knew better than myself had been living another life that I didn’t know shit about. I felt like I didn’t even know who he was anymore. Damn…

I was hurting so bad inside but I was trying to keep up a front. “You should’ve told me” I barked at them.

“It wouldn’t have made a difference Chris” Erica finally spoke up. “You would still be mad at the end of the day.” That infuriated me.

“Come on now I know you aint that dumb! How you gone say it wouldn’t make a difference. If yall told my ass from the get go yall wouldn’t have had to go behind my back and play all these high school games! People wouldn’t be hurt if yall said something. It wouldn’t be betrayal.”

“Lets be real, if I told you all them times I was going home to deal with “family shit” that I was actually going to see your ex would you even speak to my ass?” I went silent. “Exactly! I know we did you wrong but in this was a lose lose situation. Falling for Erica was something I couldn’t help”

Again silence took over.

“What about Carah huh?” his eyes hit the floor. “Its one thing to fuck with me but another to fuck with my family. You know that she’s like another sister to me man, but you played her worse than you played me. I warned your ass not to hurt her, she didn’t need that shit” I stressed.

“I know man I know, its just something about her that caught my eye for a minute. I shouldn’t have brought here in this mess. But ima make it up to her one day”

“You gone have to do way more than that. You fucked up on so many levels.”

“I know.” He sighed running his hand over his face. “Look man I’m just sorry alright? Ion expect us to go back to being brothers or for you to ever trust me again but I want us to at least be friends. I know it might take time but I’ll wait. We been through too much for us to never talk again” I could tell he wanted to cry but wouldn’t dare show it. But he was still vulnerable.

“I’m not gon’ shit here and front like I don’t miss you man. But I’d be lying if I said I forgive you, I still need more time to think things over.”

He nodded, “I feel you man”

“I’m  glad yall came to talk though, cause I-“

I looked up and saw Aurora standing in the hallway with her eyes locked on Erica. Oh shit.



Now, if I had no home training I would’ve popped shit off the damn second I saw that hoe. But I thank God for my self-control. I looked at Chris and he looked scared shitless of what I was about to say or do. I had to take a second to gather myself before I did something ignorant.

“What’s going on?” I asked coming forward.

Chris got up clearing his throat. “We’re just talking”

“I thought this was between you and Mike” unintentionally my neck swiveled and my arms crossed over my chest.

“It is but we both no Erica has a lot to do with this shit.”

I bluntly looked at Erica and said. “I don’t feel comfortable with you being here”

“Chill” Chris tried touching mu shoulder but I moved.

“Look Rory I brought her here. If I knew you’d feel some type of way I wouldn’t have brought her forreal.” Mike said.

I looked at him like he was stupid. “You really thought I’d be okay with this? Really?” I chucked darkly. “You’re smarter than that Mike”

“Look babe we’ll talk about this later alright? We still got things to discuss.”

I looked at up Chris seriously, “I’m not leaving if she’s here Chris”

He sucked his teeth and rand his hand down his face. “Stop tripping aight? Nothing gonna happen. Trust me alright?” The saddest thing is, in this moment I didn’t trust him. I looked in his eyes searching for some kind of reassurance but I found none.

“No” I said simply.

He looked shocked and a little hurt but he quickly saved face. “Baby just listen to me right now. This is something I gotta do on my own.”

“Why can’t I stay?” This was the first time I wasn’t submissive to Chris and I knew it shocked up both. But I wouldn’t let this slide, I couldn’t. I just didn’t like the idea of him being around her. Alone or not. Pregnant of not.

He was growing frustrated, I could tell because the freckles on his face were hidden by a hue of red. “Aurora I’m not playing. Ima need you to not question me on this.” He gritted.

I looked away form him and looked at Mike, he looked regretful but he was pleading with his eyes. For same reason that same brotherly instinct he use to give me came back into play and I felt like listening to what he was trying to tell me.

“I hope you don’t think ima let this slide” I turned around and left. I’ll get that ass later.



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Chapter 05. is up! Check it out and leave feedback💕