Chris was always the cool kid who everyone loved. The girls wanted him and the boys wanted to be him. All the attention he had made him an arrogant jerk. He was a bully and had no remorse for anyone's feelings. His main target was Aurora, a insecure girl suffering from anorexia and bulimia. When Aurora moves away because of Chris, she lost all her weight but was still not completely over her eating disorders. What will happen when she cross paths with her old bully Chris? Will anything be different this time around?....
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fsocfanfic says: Loveeeee this. (:

thank you :)

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thank you so much, i really am trying!

Anonymous says: You haven't updated in ages then u hit us with a short chapter df is that u kind as we'll not have updated

it was “short” because it was a 2 part chapter. whenever i post chapters with multiple parts they aren’t as long as the usual. if you don’t like that i really don’t care, ungrateful ass. don’t read my shit

deannabreezy says: They need to get away, go off just the 2 of them cause with them being there they got too much going on that is causing them to have drama and questioning each other

i agree

deannabreezy says: Im always here for a update

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Anonymous says: It seems like the Erica/Michael situation has caused Rory and Chris' issues to surface. They have some major trust and communication issues.

yes it has. the hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper

beautifullari says: I just want them to get better I'm a sucker for happy endings and mushy stuff

we’ll see… but as of right now its not looking too good

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trying💕 but no one seems to care anymore.

Chapter 47 will be up soon!

I’m half way done with it already. I should be finish sometime early next week! Look out for the update